Rachel Korr

Editor/Proofreader/Writer: After eleven years as an English and ESL professor teaching and editing multiple types of professional documents followed by recent temp work in editing and writing for three university departments, I am prepared to perform a variety of editing and writing tasks in the nonprofit, public and private sectors. From macro issues of organization, supporting content, persuasiveness and style to micro issues of grammar, syntax, word choice and punctuation, I assess and respond to weak points to ensure an optimal and professional presentation. My writing comprehensively synthesizes different streams of information to inform and persuade target audiences, or tells compelling stories of a program or organization's people. Among my specialties, I am well-versed in writing by non-native English speakers and am able to respond by providing colloquial and grammatical edits. I have also taught writing courses focused on trends in national and global demography, particularly those related to development and associated policies, have worked in a non-western country, and have worked with students and colleagues from more than 50 countries. Accordingly, I bring strong awareness of international issues to my work. And because many of my students were pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in the sciences, social sciences, medicine, business, public policy and international affairs, I have responded to scholarly and professional articles concerning a wide range of subject matter. My MFA in creative writing enhances my ability to respond to stylistic needs in the writing of others and to engage readers myself. I invite you to view samples of my work from from my professor/researcher role, my temporary positions, and from my exploration of freelance opportunities.